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The French interior minister announced on thursday 24 February, the same day of the annual dinner of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions, his intention to dissolve in Zionism’s acid two organisation of solidarity with Palestine, the Comité action Palestine (Palestine Action Committee – Bordeaux) and Palestine vaincra (Palestine Will Win – Toulouse).

According to press reports, the minister pretends that Palestine Action Committee asserts « in its charter, its support to all organisation struggling against Israel, including when using violence and terrorist methods ». However, this is factually wrong. The Palestine Action Committee’s charter calls for « unconditional support for Palestinian people and its struggle for self-determination and national independence. Nowhere does it mention the « violence » or the « terrorist methods ».

Contrary to minister’s blatant lies, the charter engages « not to take a position in favour of this or that form of struggle » in accordance with the principles of sovereignty. The principle of sovereignty is valid anywhere and at anytime, but the government manipulates it according to circumstances. In Africa and Palestine, the peoples are not allowed to resist as they wish but in Ukraine the French government legitimizes the use of armed violence. Variable geometry position determined by France’s immediate and strategic interests.

A law criminalizing solidarity with the Palestinian people has been a long-cherished desire of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions. With the dissolution of Palestine Action Committee, the government de facto criminalizes anti-zionist fight and offers on a platter the head of palestinian solidarity associations to the Israeli Officine.

Comité Action Palestine considers that the struggle enters in a new phase and calls to all anti-Zionists organizations to take action against the reactionary and draconian offensive of the French government.

An association can be dissolved but you can’t dissolve the truth and the aspiration for justice, and even less the willingness that animate militantism in favor of Palestine, of the entire Palestine.

Palestine will live! Palestine will win!

Comité Action Palestine, 02-25-2022