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March 6, 2022

At a time where most eyes around the world are looking to Ukraine and express solidarity with Ukraine people as we do also from inside Israeli occupation prisons, we Palestinian Political Prisoners (PPP) in Israeli jail, ask the French government as well as all governments all around the world to stop moral and ethical double standards and make a look to Palestinian people while Israel feel free to violate all human rights, human dignity and Palestinian lives. It’s the moment to empathize in front of European governments including France to be aware that not victims of occupations considered as terrorist but the state of Israel which is committed to war crime, ethnic cleansing and Apartheid crimes as ANESTY International reported last month.

Solidarity movements with Palestine who oppose Israeli occupation they are committed to international law and to UN resolutions as well as 4th Geneva Convention.

The solidarity we got is to remind us 4500 PPP that we are not forgotten, that we are the victims of the occupation. That we as PPP and as a people deserve to live in our independent state in peace and freedom as all peoples.

We the undersigned PPP express our worry an disappointment in regard of French minister of interior to ban both associations:  Comite action Palestine and Palestine vaincra

We consider such an act as political persecution and moral double standard. We ask the French government to respect the associations democratic activity, and not to work in serve of Israeli occupation.